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Zou Bible

For the People of Manipur, India and Burma
Zou is one of the many tribal languages spoken in the Indian state of Manipur and in the neighboring hills of Burma. It is closely related to (though distinct from) the Tedim-Zokam language. There are just under 200,000 native speakers of the Zou language, making it one of the more widely spoken tribal languages of the region.

Please consider giving to this project so that the Zou speakers will have a Bible in their own language. With help from you, we desire to publish 10,000 copies of the Zou Bible (9,000 hardbound copies and 1,000 leather copies)

firstBible International commitment: $80,000.00

Vaiphei Bible

For the People of Manipur, India
The Vaiphei are one of the larger tribes in Manipur. About 65,000 speak the Vaiphei language, the great majority of them professing Christians.

We give thanks to God that the Vaiphei Bible revision committee have recently completed their work. In handing over the text, our main Vaiphei contact remarked, “Lots of people asked me and my colleague when we were going to complete our revision work and when can we have the Bible in our hands and read it? People are hungry for the Word of God, and they are seeking to get hold of the Bible, but we are unable to put one in their hands yet, this pains me much”.

Psalm 40 verse 1 says, “ I waited patiently for the Lord, and He inclined unto me and heard my cry”. The Vaiphei people have cried out for the Word. Please consider helping today.

firstBible International Commitment: $80,000

The Fortress Project

This project is an active Bible Translation Project seeking to provide a translated Bible to more than 500,000 people in their heart language.  Due to security concerns, we are not sharing the language or people group at this time.

firstBible International commitment:
Year 1: $60,000
Year 2: $60,000
Year 3: $60,000
Year 4: $60,000
Year 5: $60,000


Kom New Testament

firstBible International exists to provide a reliable first Bible in the heart language of Bibleless people groups who desperately need the light of Christ. Through the means of translating, publishing, and finally distribution, we partner with others for the purpose of seeing one more Bibleless people group receive God’s Word. The Kom Tribe is a people group living in Northeastern India and is one of the most prominent tribes in the district of Manipur. Today, there are around 20,000 first-language speakers of the Kom language, most who still do not own a Bible in their own language. This year, we have committed to printing 15,000 Kom New Testaments. Will you consider partnering with us and giving toward this project? For every $4 given, you can provide a hardback New Testament to someone who speaks the Kom language. Will you be the reason that one more Kom speaker can read about God’s plan of salvation in their own language?

Our financial goal is $60,000.00

Will you partner with us?