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Kom New Testament Project

firstBible International exists to provide a reliable first Bible in the heart language of Bibleless people groups who desperately need the light of Christ. Through the means of translating, publishing, and finally distribution, we partner with others for the purpose of seeing one more Bibleless people group receive God’s Word. The Kom Tribe is a people group living in Northeastern India and is one of the most prominent tribes in the district of Manipur. Today, there are around 20,000 first-language speakers of the Kom language, most who still do not own a Bible in their own language. This year, we have committed to printing 15,000 Kom New Testaments. Will you consider partnering with us and giving toward this project? For every $4 given, you can provide a hardback New Testament to someone who speaks the Kom language. Will you be the reason that one more Kom speaker can read about God’s plan of salvation in their own language?

Our financial goal is $60,000.00

Given: $60,000

Goal: $60,000