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Dan-Gio Old Testament Project

For the People of Liberia

There are approximately 800,000 Dan-Gio speakers in Ivory Coast, and between 150,000 and 200,000 speakers in Liberia, where the work has been carried out.

This translation is a revision of the 1981 translation. The translator who worked on this project originally, began an updated translation just before the first Liberian Civil War began in 1989. Tragically, he was martyred in 1990, along with his wife. This war took place from 1989 through 1997, and was followed up by another Civil War from 1999-2003. During this time, the translation revision was halted. In 2008, the work was re-started. The revisions are complete and the Dan-Gio New Testament text is currently being typeset.

Please consider giving to this project so that the Dan-Gio speakers will have a Bible in their own language.

firstBible International commitment (5 YEAR Publishing Commitment): $265,000

Given: $48,365

Goal: $265,000