Kom New Testament

firstBible International exists to provide a reliable first Bible in the heart language of Bibleless people groups who desperately need the light of Christ. Through the means of translating, publishing, and finally distribution, we partner with others for the purpose of seeing one more Bibleless people group receive God’s Word. The Kom Tribe is a people group living in Northeastern India and is one of the most prominent tribes in the district of Manipur. Today, there are around 20,000 first-language speakers of the Kom language, most who still do not own a Bible in their own language. This year, we have committed to printing 15,000 Kom New Testaments. Will you consider partnering with us and giving toward this project? For every $4 given, you can provide a hardback New Testament to someone who speaks the Kom language. Will you be the reason that one more Kom speaker can read about God’s plan of salvation in their own language?

Our financial goal is $60,000.00

Will you partner with us?

Matching Funds Project

firstBible International has committed to print Scriptures in four different languages for people groups in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The estimated cost of these projects combined reach about $120,000.00. In November, I received a phone call from a family committing to give $30,000.00 by the end of 2020, and an additional $30,000.00 in 2021. Praise the Lord! This could not have come at a better time!

The challenge now is to match these funds dollar for dollar. I am asking you to be involved. Would you help us reach our financial goal by giving before the year ends, or by making a commitment for 2021? We will be ready to print these Scriptures soon and this financial goal needs to be met. Thank you for partnering with firstBible International!


Thank you to all who partnered with us on this firstBible project. With the funds we received, we were able to print 11,000 Bibles and 20,000 New Testaments. Praise the Lord! This container was shipped this spring and was received in November. On December 6 th , a dedication service will be held and the distribution of this Bible will begin. After many long years of labor, the Thadou people have finally received their first Bible! This could not have happened without you. Thank you again for investing in the Thadou Bible Project!